Vegetables, Fruits & Spices Drying System

Vegetables, Fruits & Spices Drying System

Modern trends in the food industry indicates that there is a significant "healthy food" deficit in the market, and that this trend will continue in the upcoming decades. Modern methods of preparing and processing "healthy food", do not correspond to the label “healthy" in majority of cases. Preservatives which prolongs their lifetime present a harmful threat for our health. Therefore, trend of increasing control is active in this area, as well as tendency to reduce the use of preservatives to a minimum or, if possible. One of the best ways of natural food preservation is drying. 

Many of the existing drying machines based mainly on a traditional production processes that do not have the necessary level of the product processing control and efficiency. The idea that the traditional drying technology has overcome and years of research and development results in offering a new concept of drying with completely controlled conditions, a completely innovative drying technology, Industrial Dryer Machine that allows dehydration of raw materials without the use of any preservatives or additives in a controlled environment (condensation chamber).

For our client we developed an automated system, applicable for drying various type of fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and mushrooms. We produced a dryer which adopts best features of previously mentioned driers. As with conventional condensation driers, a single cycle of drying fluid "take away" moisture from the raw material, after which it is transform in the form of condensate. Evaporation of moisture evaporate and natural aromatics that raw materials contains so that condensate, to some extent, contain the same aromatics. This practically means that the condensate becomes a semi product, and by further processing can get fruit water with natural aroma of raw material that is dried. Often the price of obtained aromatics is far greater than the cost of the dried product. 

Reference Project by K&K:

New Generation Condensational Automated Dehydration System project is a great achievement in the global industry market. The conceptual framework was to build the fruit drying processing plant in order to increase the amount of the production and automation of the process respectively. 

It is a completely innovative drying technology that allows the dehydration of raw materials without the use of any preservatives or additives in a controlled environment (condensation chamber). The outcome is a product that is completely natural product.

The idea for such machine originate from the fact that fruit and vegetables drying systems so far hasn‘t seen technological improvement over the last few decades. We recognised a large market demand for such machine and developed a new innovative line of machinery with a lower cost of production and higher quality of the end product by increasing the outcome in comparison to the existing alternatives on the market. Once we implemented all the innovative features into the system, we got a machine with all the added value features proven, which enables us to custom the system according to specific customer’s needs and type of the fruit, vegetable or spices.

Technological operations 

  • Preparation of raw materials 
  • Drying 
  • Cooling the finished product 
  • Packaging of the finished product

Innovation features

  • Fully automated continuous drying system that provides absolute control of the drying process; 
  • High Energy Efficiency - energy sources used for electricity on a completely innovative way we ensure the lowest cost of energy per kilogram of finished product, compared to all other methods of drying; 
  • CIP - Clean In Place - automatic washing system for the dryer, which allows the processing of organic and conventional raw materials on the same equipment; 
  • Obtaining high quality product with all natural attributes; smell, colour, taste and without additives throughout full process; 
  • Waste management; 
  • Separation of waste material and possible by - products in preprocessing the food, 
  • Separating condensate - all condensate obtained in the drying process can be used for further processing and due to obtaining natural aromatics that are a rarity on the world market. 

All of this allows us to present to our customers a cutting edge innovation technology for drying fruit and vegetables that, scaled up for large production doesn’t exist on the world market today.

The entire machine development was confirming all the standards that concern the food industry and CE regulation, in addition we made the functional-operational classification documentation within the product, which served as the reference for the final acceptance of the machine and the machine guaranty. 

Key features

  • Doesn’t change color or size of the dried product;
  • Extremely low energy consumption;
  • Capable of recycling different kinds of waster during the drying process simultaneously;
  • Cost efficiency of the entire system (reducing time needed for drying);
  • No additives in comparison to other similar systems (they are adding sugar).

With classic continual driers product are inserted into the dryer, usually in a trolley, that during the drying process travel through the dryer to the exit at a certain time interval, which depends on the kind of raw material that is dried. In our drier raw material is continuously moving at a special spiral polypropylene belt and each fruit or slice is dried under identical conditions, which is of crucial importance for the final quality of the product. At the same time the belt is continuously washed, and it is always clean at drier entrance. 

All metal parts are made of stainless steel (AISI 304) according to the standards of the food industry. At the request all metal parts can be made of stainless steel (AISI 316L). The input capacity of the system is calculated according to the quantity of raw materials processed by the system per hour adjusted by defining the requirements and needs of each individual client. Minimum input capacity is 50 kg / h. Output capacity depends on the technological requirements. 

Process control 

Working process of the system is automated and fully controlled by PLC B & R. The dryer is equipped with state of the art sensors that transmit accurate and timely data to the control unit, which on the basis of these parameters controls the operation of the system. In this way, we control the temperature, humidity and air velocity in each of the six drier chambers in particular. Thanks to its complete control, it is even possible to determine and control air humidity which attacks the raw material, which accelerates drying under ideal conditions, depending on the type of raw material. 

CIP (Clean In Place) 

CIP is required subsystem that is used for cleaning and disinfection of all drier components and pipe system installations. The cycles of cleaning and disinfection procedures are taken from the maintenance of industrial food system in accordance with HACCP recommendations. Raw material belt is continuously washed, so that always comes to filling position clean. 

Energy system 

Electricity is used as an energy source. Two Bock compressors are actually heat pump and produce cooling energy used in the condensation of evaporated moisture from the raw material, and the heat energy is used to heat the drier. In this way, we have no loss of energy and, when we take into account all the factors that affect the finished product price, this factor is at the list bottom. 

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