Automatic Food Making Machines and Platforms

Automatic Food Making Machines and Platforms

The changing food habits, ready to eat and so lifestyle have given new opportunities to us as the customised machinery makers, and technology to food producers and service providers.

In last years plenty of automatic food machines and even robots are being employed to save man-hour and as food items like burgers and pizzas, etc. are all manufactured.

Some of the dishes might seem like a challenge, however, if you have the right recipes and suitable appliances you can easily make your favourite dishes without any hassles. It might give the impression of a hard to cook the dish, but with a certain machine, you can cook it easily with all the flavours intact.

A machine that makes delicious home-cooked food with the press of a button is a dream of every food lover.

Such machines can aid your cooking process and make fully - automatic food machine such as hamburger or pizza machine to prepare, cook and serve a perfect custom-made dish without a single human hand being involved.

We are currently developing machine that is capable of making fresh dish in three minutes at the press of a button, and we aim to make more robots that can make a variety of food item. Our team consists of engineers to external consultants such as product managers with restaurant experience.

Reference Project by K&K:

Client had a request to design and manufacture an Automated food making machine controlled by Food delivery service app with so-called slogan “Customise and Order your Dish”. The project included automation machinery design and app development, designing and manufacturing an automatic food maker. We adopted new technology to create new innovative products in the food industry. 

The goal of app development was to design an innovative food ordering & delivery app with additional marketing boosting features. Presentation of the concept included discussion of the project plan set by K&K team. With entering into the project, main parameters stayed unchangeable throughout the entire process.

Development areas

I. Innovation in the Food Delivery Industry

The aim of the project was to develop an engineering and IT solution that would revolutionise the food delivery market. Actions to achieve the aim were implementing innovative features such as live food making streaming seen through the app.

II. Automation Machinery Industrial Engineering 

Engineers developed a food making automation machine that is similar to frozen dish and vending machine outcome, suitable for every restaurant. Aim was to engineer a machine for restaurants.

III. Phone App Development

Innovation in automated machines was a phone app ordering where no employees are required. We had to developed two systems (iOS and Android) and third level system.

IV. Innovation /Price

Innovation is expensive. We had to make a close to market project concept and price of the end product, having in mind the product has to be market ready. Aim was a restaurant affordable investment.

V. Defining the Concept of the Project

K&K team included a lead engineer that covered a machine development stages. In collaboration with the team the concept of the machine was defined as larger restaurant machine appliance.

The team was working on a concept, in order the machine would be sold to restaurants that are ready for innovation and want to replace workers.

The second group in the team was lead by software engineer with years of app development experience. The concept background was on the app which can be managed independently and restaurants that will pay a maintenance fee for using it. The app needed to be developed in three level system: First level was the platform and the management (new restaurant input, iOS and Android coding, constant up-dating and management, new features development, etc.). Second level was restaurant as user, while third level was the actual phone app (which as well will have more users: a. customer, b. waiter and c. delivery person). Phone app development was a complex process which needed a platform as a base.

VI. Definition of Criteria of the Project

At the beginning the project K&K team analysed the defining criteria and the client confirmed how they had been set. When entering into this innovative R&D project certain basic criteria like shape, functions, technical predispositions, phone app functions and similar elements needed to be predefined and unchangeable to remain within the project price and timeline.

Eating is a necessity but cooking is an art.

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