Djordje Djuric

Project Head

Djordje is an expert in innovation in the technology field. He perfectly combines theory with the practice as he comes up with new solutions by following his common sense of understanding how machines work in their simplicity. Due to his diverse career in the past and starting as a professor, as well as an incredible research mentality, he combines engineering and technology fields and there he finds most challenges. At the company he focuses on new technologies by implementing new innovative features into the projects while successfully dealing with all constraints that come along with the engineering process. Since founding his first company in 2010, Djordje has been focused on new drying technologies - he is a temporary lecturer in new technologies of preservation for forest (wild) fruits at Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University. Cooperation with experts and professors from Belgrade University, who have been involved in the research from the very beginning, as well as with experts from EU, made him one of the most competent person in this field.