Ana Ferjanic

Managing Director

Ana is a tech-savvy Managing Director and founder of a company. She is passionate about her work and highly dedicated to her clients. She is a very good listener and observer; she manages to translate ideas into reality while following regular process of managing the company. Her rich career leads her from being an architect to getting into the shoes of a director, working for some of the most prominent clientele worldwide. She has a strong vision and possesses many competences such as diplomatic skills, striving to achieve win-win situations. With her in-depth approach she takes care of strategic management, general operations, business negotiations and corporate communications, while staying the first and the last at every decision made.

Mira Grabeljsek

Mira Grabeljsek
Finance Director

Mira is a well experienced financier, dedicated to her intense career as a business analyst and first consultant to the Managing Director. She studied at École Supérieure de Gestion et Finance, Paris and gained multiple experiences from her past work at some of the renowned world companies such as Wolf Theiss, Tax Group and Banque PSA Finance. Mira possess many personal qualities, she is steady and she assesses all the new ventures with the critical eye and the viable ones on her opinion do always lead to a success. At the company she is in charge for strategic management, corporate finances, legal issues, business planning and she acts as a supervisor to the ongoing projects.

Djordje Djuric

Project Head

Djordje is an expert in innovation in the technology field. He perfectly combines theory with the practice as he comes up with new solutions by following his common sense of understanding how machines work in their simplicity. Due to his diverse career in the past and starting as a professor, as well as an incredible research mentality, he combines engineering and technology fields and there he finds most challenges. At the company he focuses on new technologies by implementing new innovative features into the projects while successfully dealing with all constraints that come along with the engineering process. Since founding his first company in 2010, Djordje has been focused on new drying technologies - he is a temporary lecturer in new technologies of preservation for forest (wild) fruits at Faculty of Forestry at Belgrade University. Cooperation with experts and professors from Belgrade University, who have been involved in the research from the very beginning, as well as with experts from EU, made him one of the most competent person in this field.

Dejan Ciric

dejan-ciric-kunstel kikel
Head Engineer

Dejan is a highly skilled mechanical engineer. Working as a Technical Manager, Plant Manager and finally Project Manager, helped him gain most of his experimental approach which he has successfully used at projects in process industry. Each of his projects was completed due to his persistence and eagerness to constantly learn. Although he has had a successful career, working with some of the best processing companies, such as – „IMLEK“ – BEOGRAD, "OMYA" – Austria, "SIKA", „PERI“ - Germany, „DBK" - Germany, "GORENJE TIKI" –Slovenia, he is still restless and eager to learn and explore. He is in charge of the technical part of engineering projects and he is the team's head engineer, and at the same time he trains and directs them.