Business Trips & Balkan Partnership Vision

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Business Trips & Balkan Partnership Vision

For the past, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone that we had visited during our business stays. It was great meeting so many new contacts and discusses many of exciting projects making this region one of our best.

Vision of Partnership in the Balkan region

Based on this experience and back to days when we start to model a company, we decided to build the company’s culture on the principle of partnership. More and more, Western companies from advanced and developed countries and Balkan companies are finding that creating partnerships in the region is a way to bridge this unknown, and is mutually beneficial for both parties involved.

Partnership collaboration is a way for Western companies to break away from their ignorance of this market and to penetrate it, and for Serbian companies it gives them privileged access to production, distribution and translation, and allows them to develop a long term relationship.

For our company especially it means an instrument to break into new territories, as we give a promising business model for them to benefit from, while taking shared risks and profits. They give us their time, tackle major problems, take chances, and trust us to do the right thing. As one of our partners would say: “It is like adding a turbo – we go faster and higher. It’s a very good opportunity for a local company like Kunstel & Kikel Ltd. to give us the credibility of an international company and we can develop in the region and not just in Belgrade.”

Balkan Region

The Balkans is the historic and geographic area, a peninsula in southeastern Europe. The region has a combined area of 550,000 km² and an approximate population of 55 million people. The region takes its name from the Balkan Mountains which run through the centre of Bulgaria into eastern Serbia.

The identity of the Balkans is dominated by its geography; historically the area was known as a crossroads of several cultures. It has been a meeting point between the Latin and Greek parts of the Roman Empire. It became an area where Orthodox and Catholic Christianity met, as well as the meeting point between Islam and Christianity.

Our Partners

At our company most important job is to help our partners to win and to satisfy their appetites towards a good service provision.

We are deeply invested in our partners’ success. This is the only way we will survive and thrive. When you look at the relationships as partnerships, everything clicks into focus. You see the value of a strong feedback loop, of innovating fast to meet their needs, of pushing the envelope on features, and admitting fault when need be.

We trust our partners to give us good, honest constructive criticism, and we share their commitment to great assistance. This is why we provide unlimited support and consulting services for them. We don’t turn on a timer when someone needs help, or charge by the minute when a partners is struggling. That would be creating unnecessary tension in a relationship that should be all about mutual benefit. Partners all around, and everyone wins.

Plans for a Successful Future

In future we will launch several new custom made opportunities for our partners and we are looking forward to another fantastic stays in Belgrade for business.