Project Methodology & Development Phases

development phases - concept design - prototyping - pilot machine - manufacturing
Project Methodology & Development Phases

Right approach to the certain Project consist of selecting and approving the method which is efficient for implementing the goals and objectives within the current operational environment. We have an approach along with the methodology that is aligned with the phases of the project and the timeline to be followed.

Project Methodology

Usually the conceptual framework is to build a machine for the processing plant and increase the amount of the production and automation of the process accordingly. Each project consists of high skilled engineering team that conduct experimental evaluation on a dataset and analysed the obtained results and collect experimental data (sampling and experimental design). The engineering team is encouraged to identify new problems, tasks abd applications during the development process. Building a prototype is often of the utmost urgency. Engineers manually annotate the collected, measured and provided analysis of the data and then focus on building the machine using the toolkits already proven. Team studies  the effects of different features and feature combinations and deliver a system capable of identifying the needs. 

One specific method that we use is the method of increasing the quality of the product by installing machine inspection modules on the system and minimising the possibility of human errors. This method is appropriate and well integrated with the aims of the projects in order to eliminate the dilemmas and to reveal hidden errors of the systems and unexpected additional problems, which could jeopardise the final solution, as to confirm or refute the proposed solution and giving a green light for accepting the technical ideas of the project.

Development Phases

Our projects more or less take the following milestones (phases) of the plan with the anticipated timeline:


- Market research, financial analysis, briefing and identifying project goals, idea generation;

- Concept design solution development, virtual prototyping, feasibility studies, technical drawings.


- Detailed drawings, prototype engineering, pilot system development, construction, exploration, building pilot system; 

- Construction, producing and testing all main system parts, critical parts development and pre-testing.


- Pilot wiring, pilot system start up, testing, acceptance test, long time testing in production environment, alteration, improvement;

- Final assembling, wiring, calibration, adjustment, functional testing, improvements, corrections, alterations after officially being accepted.


- Final system construction, documentation preparation, and build up;

- Documentation and construction details.


- Final system start up, testing, acceptance test, delivery and training;

- Final system start up and implementation into the existent production, transporting and assembly, production.