Introducing the Mastermind

Introducing the Mastermind

Ana is known for her career as being an architect, and since her career move she has been passionate about what she is doing. Her vision, determination and willingness to take risks (when others might have hesitated) have resulted in a company that makes the company established in only way it possibly could – in design and engineering area.

Due to her past career, she is an accomplished entrepreneur with a strategic and methodical approach, understanding client’s needs and pinpointing areas of added value. Her work is bringing quality products into life by translating design into actual projects while ensuring to deliver required results under certain constraints. She brought many good ideas to the table and saw their implementation through, which allowed clients to increase profitability significantly. She handle each project with great responsibility and surpassing sense of duty and capable of handling client’s budget and saving costs when necessary.

Power is like being a lady... if you have to tell people you are, you aren't.

For herself, she is definite about finding her entrepreneurial sweet spot in a company. Her role as a Managing Director is combining the aesthetic view as a woman and technical view as an architect, which both helps her managing a team from start point to final end. She strongly believes the key to success of a product is not to please the investors, but delight end users by helping the investors, that is about bringing something even more improved into clients’ lives and helping them growing in business.

»I’m always looking at things that catch my sense – it has to be an instinct. I tap into something that I think it will be a commercial success and it is. It is not to be innovative, but you have to have a great courage in your own convictions. I just love the fact, that a world in moving forward and into better direction. « However, despite the enormous expansion of her original idea, Ana has always maintained an ethos of honesty, integrity and transparency and in her view; these qualities are paramount when dealing with clients in today’s fast-moving world of business. And that makes her special.

From her point of view, she would definitely encourage every woman to get out there and do something that makes you stand out from the crowd – as this completely transformed her professional life and she would advise everyone to do so. She thinks the most important of business is doing what you love to do and what a lady makes feel empowered, sexy and feminine by doing business in area in which they can stand self-confidently without men.

Ana us always interested in making new fruitful acquaintances, so feel free to contact her anytime. She will be happy to discuss new exciting projects that she finds prospective.