The Importance of Innovation

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The Importance of Innovation

In our team we agree that innovation has never been more important than it is today. It is our engine and it is what our consumers and investors expect of us. 

It is not just about challenging of inventing better products, it is about the improvement of the products that play an important role in our efforts, since even small changes have large impacts across people’s lives. In company we work with other brands that value and encourage the creation of new sustainable processes and products that improve lives by leveraging innovation as the world’s greatest opportunity.

We focus sustainable innovation on our biggest areas of opportunity and risk. We ask difficult questions of our costumer’s brands, their business model and their greatest challenges. We seek to understand the trends and the signals – strong and weak – that add complexity and uncertainty to the future. Rather than working to avoid only known risk, we work to understand where risks and opportunities may emerge as well as what’s needed to address them and enable new forms of innovation to take hold.

To do this we must understand the costumer’s business and its impacts, so we can make informed decisions that will bring about small or big change. We also must consider the connectivity across all areas, as a decision in one area may have unintended consequences or enhancements in another. We take a broad view, as we recognise the impacts from the market to reach findings as a part of a development system.

After all, risk is interconnected so solutions must be collaborative. Companies that win in the future and we collaborate with, will be those capable of accessing new sources of knowledge, creativity and capital to accelerate innovation and bring it to scale. To achieve ongoing, profitable growth, innovation considerations must be deeply embedded throughout the brand.

At our company, innovation is not just about vision and values. It depends equally on having the systems, structures, people, responsibilities and accountabilities in place to ensure our commitments are reflected in our business activities.

We are staying committed to the innovation process – it’s essential to achieving our vision of our business and we look forward to learning more in the coming years of our newly started business.