How We Approach to the Project

How We Approach to the Project

Kunstel & Kikel carefully chooses opportunities by recognizing its potential and for which a company is confident that their engineering professionals are sufficiently proactive and proficient for its execution. We then acknowledge the requirements in detail and recommend a client submitting documentation for the limited volume of work which defined in a document, called design proposal.

The main purpose of this documentation is to demonstrate a solution, propose a price and a timeline to participate in a project, and to be able to contribute with further ideas, concept and solution, which serve as a basis for entering into the project development and R&D process.

Design Proposal
Due to proceedings, our team in the initial stage is participating in a design proposal as follows:

  • Identifying the project requirements and showing the intent and the interest to collaborate on a project;
  • Designing a product and formulating a project description and outcome document with a draft project plan, explaining the goals and objectives to be reached, the business need and problem to be addressed, approaches and execution methods, resource, and the organization.
  • Visiting the client’s facilities and presenting a concept design, specifications and other required project documentations.

Technical Presentation
The presentation consists of complete proposed design documentation with a sufficient detail for project approval:

  • Virtual prototype (proposed design)
  • Detailed critical parts of mechanism of the product
  • Simulation of the prototype
  • Data description, preliminary results
  • Material definition & suppliers defined
  • Compliance with the standards for the specific industry
  • Timeline and price quotation

Project Description
The intention of this description is to roughly formulate fields of our contributing on the project and ensuring client the high-end services by our team. A written documentation identify the idea, goals, background, approach, outcomes and other data in a correct and comprehensive manner and it makes it possible for a client to understand the concept and context of our engineering work process in regards to the project. It is a document between us and the client on how the project will be carried out by our team. It ensures that the project will be well planned and that the proposed process is manageable within the project period. The project description also serves as a mini-application.

Technical Documentation
In design proposal we perform a preliminary estimation of time, workforce and material needed for the project. We develop a timeline that shows the total estimated amount of working hours required, which was later used to develop project schedule and activity durations. The schedule indicates when we are planning to complete the components, all the work, data analysis, including the required visits to the client’s facilities.

The goal of a design proposal is a presentation that gives a client a chance to share the exciting problems the engineering team will work on, how they will solve it and the interesting findings they discovered in the context of the research in this phase: the proposed solution of the product, product’s functionality and expected functionalities of the parts. The proposed design let us minimize the risk of failure, predict future problems and ensure success of our effort, through later phase when developing a clear, concise, complete and credible prototype.