Food Technology and Innovation

Automated machine - K&K - virtual prototype - concept machinery design
Food Technology and Innovation

Within the scope of our past projects we have been strongly involved in designing and developing new automated machines for the food processing field, i.e. innovation in a processing equipment construction and development for the food and beverage processing industry. Our engineers took over numerous and some of the most challenging projects in that field and managed to solved out difficult and unstandardised food processing problems that were aligned with client’s requirements and resulted in desired outcome. 

We have an in-depth understanding of production processes and how to automate them in this highly price-conscious market as a competitive sector like the food industry can’t afford to waste time or money. Our in-house process experts understand the sector in order to arrive at a robust production system that is tailored to the job in hand.

Our solutions bring a major added value to the market with the cutting edge technological innovations. As a mass production of machinery is not applicable to a large scale food processing plants, we are remaining a custom made engineering team. Therefore our projects aims to implement the development of more resource-efficient and sustainable food production and processing techniques at a large scale of business in a competitive and innovative way possible. 

With the low energy consumption and trough additional functions of waste management, our solution are always reducing an environmental degradation and optimising the efficient use of resources. And after we implement all the innovative features in a test of the system, we have all the added value features proven, which enables us to custom the system according to specific customer’s needs. 

In order to keep the cost of the automation system under control, we can offer custom-made solutions based on standardised modules. These standard building blocks enable us to complete design and testing much faster than expected. 

Food and Beverage Industry Projects

In the past, engineers tackled many technical challenges in a large scale production. Currently we are dealing with the projects that have not seen much technological improvement over the last few decades or there even the similar machine hasn’t been developed so far compared to existing alternatives on the market. Therefore we recognised a large market demand for such machines by getting involved into development into the new innovative lines of machinery with a lower cost of production and higher quality of the end production by increasing the outcome. 

Such machinery is needed to set up a mass production line need to be assured that the product is to be successful to attain profits. Machines are designed for mass production of large amounts of standardised products, involving making many copies of products, very quickly, using assembly line techniques to send partially complete products. It is capital and energy intensive, as it use a high proportion of machinery and energy in relation to human work force. The machines are almost fully automated while total expenditure per unit of product is decreased.

The workflow of our engineers is installing a primary production system that deliver consistent products, with safety and quality high on the agenda, automated the processes and reduced production time. We can also reduce waste and minimise the use of energy, raw materials and cleaning products. In addition, we prevent use of incorrect quantities, recipe errors and usage of the wrong raw materials. On these projects we are working closely with the clients to come up with the conceptual and detailed designs and the final product for the automation machinery product, which is mainly a food processing industry’s fully automated system.

We have experiences with the similar machines in medical, pharmaceutical automotive and other types of industry, with the main difference that entire machine development in the food industry is confirming all the standards that concern the food and CE regulation.

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