About Us

Kunstel & Kikel Ltd. or K&K in abbreviation is an exclusive provider of design engineering services for the high-end market and one of the youngest respected consultancies to its collaborative partners, private clients or institutional investors on field of product innovations and custom machinery development.

Our R&D Team

We help technology - focused companies in testing new ideas and develop innovative products. We have our R&D team that is developing something completely new and from scratch, which includes:

  • Developing a process or product that already exists in the industry, but where the information to resolve the technological uncertainty is not readily available to them; and
  • Making an improvement to an existing product or process, or duplicating an existing product in an appreciably improved way.  E.g. exploring new cost effective modules that will perform to the better efficiency.

Bringing Cutting Edge Technology to The Market

Our dedicated team is bringing an added value solutions to the market with its cutting edge technological innovation and efficient and time effective solutions building approach.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is automated advanced technology which reflects innovative and customized solutions for our respected clients and partners, allowing them to stay one critical step ahead of competition. Our engineers take on the most challenging projects in the wide range of industries which are always successfully solved.

Our projects implement a development of more resource-efficient and sustainable production systems and processing techniques at a large scale of a business in a most competitive and innovative way possible. With our advantage of lowering the costs and increasing the efficiency we are enabling our clients to remain competitive while staying at the highest level of quality and standardization.